Friday, February 15, 2008

The Way to a Ladies Heart

So, it is the day after what some dub the “Hallmark holiday” and I am one happy lady! André got me orange satin sheets and the feel is so nice, not too slippery and not too rough. I almost couldn’t get out of bed this morning because I did not want to leave the comfort of the best sheets my skin has ever felt but I had to answer the call of the Ian. He also got me my favorite orange chocolate from Sprüngli, yum yum.

My plan went out well for Andy and he was surprised and got a laugh out of my gift. Oh yes, I have not said what I did..I made him a “Welcome Home” card and placed it in the mailbox and it told him to go to living room where I had a shirt waiting for him then a note in the shirt which said, “go to the bedroom” where I had a playboy bunny pillow and hi-ball glasses and Lindor Truffles waiting for him along with another card. He got a laugh out of it. Playboy items?..yup, it’s a thing between us with the Girls of the Playboy Mansion show and seeing the pillow at a local store. I wish he liked the shirt but he said it made him look fat, like he says everything makes him, so I got a little down about that..blah. My Valentines did go well overall and I do not think I could have asked for a better one.

Ian gave me a big laugh this morning; I found out he likes his toddler chair to watch some cartoons so I plugged him in the chair, popped him in front of a cartoon and let him drink and watch until he was done with his bottle. The whole look of it all was just too funny..

kickback with a bottle and cartoon

kickback with a bottle and cartoon

He is just growing up too fast. My little boy already loves cartoons and a kickback with a bottle. I guess he had a hard morning of playing!

As I sit here writing this I just saw one of the most strange and crazy music videos I have seen to date. It is the video for the song Rockstar by Nickelback (one of my favorite bands of all time), it shows mostly famous people and regulars singing to their song and some of the people they put in the video are just perfect. Take a look for yourself..

Rockstar Video

What do you think? Too perfect!!!

Lauren, I found a great pair of converse for Ian. Your idea of this shoe is a great idea. Maybe a good first birthday gift from his Auntie Lauren?? I had no idea they had these for toddlers!

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