Sunday, February 10, 2008

Family Outing

I enjoy when I can get out as a family :-) André, Ian, and I went out on the town this afternoon. Not all went as expected but as usual things worked out and it was enjoyable.

We were going to after afternoon brunch at the Zic Zac restaurant but the service was horrible. They were having a soccer game starting later in the day so they ended the buffet early and said we could order off the menu. We sat down, unpacked, gave Ian a bottle, received our drinks..then nothing. Yes, nothing! We wait 15 minutes and every server was just walking by us doing whatever they pleased and forgetting to take our order. Then they finally come and have the audacity to ask if we placed our order..uh noo....! We said, let us pay for our drinks and go and that we did. Some people do not know the meaning of customer service. That took about an hour off our afternoon. We did get our breakfast food from another restaurant, which was yummy. I found out that Ian loves pancakes. I know what I will be making for him.

Later we hung around at the lake and I wanted to use this opportunity to take some good photos outside, of Ian and André, and that I think I did!!! I had a problem at the beginning with it being too white but I figured it out and had some decent shots..(you can leave me some constructive criticism under comments).

This one turned out too red because the hood was out giving Ian a red tone

I also took a few non-family pictures..

Whew, picture overload!!

Okay so I have a real question. Why do some older folks consider themselves superior to younger people? I was trying to get off the bus this evening with the stroller and he wacked my leg with his cane and pushed his way through. I am not saying mothers get first always but if I was in front of the door first and have a stroller let me go!

I think I have said more than my fair share today!


Hallie said...

Lisa, the picture of the swan is absolutely beautiful. You took some awesome pictures of Ian and Andy. They are both very handsome! Go Lisa ;-) LOVE YOU!

Hallie said...

Oh, also. That was really rude of that older man. I don't think it was anything personal... just that a lot of older folks get grumpier the older they get. Still.. ladies first! Especially the ones with the strollers!

I look forward to seeing you again. I love being able to see your blogs and what you do during your days.