Monday, February 18, 2008

You just gotta love your Husband

Husbands, what to say about them…André stayed home from work today playing the “sick” card, saying he needs time to recoup from his hard times at work. This left us with many crazy adventures of staying home. I asked him to feed Ian his snack this afternoon (thankfully he obliged) and it turned into a time full of silliness. He stole Ian’s cheerios for himself and lined up all Ian’s cheerios into an “easy to eat one by one pattern”

Daddy helping with snack

Dad working on setting up his pattern

Daddy on phone

What Dad does best, working with technology

Later this evening I had to beg him to change Ian’s unexpected poopy diaper then I hear from the hallway “IAN! IAN! IAN! AHHH IAN!” *pause*….. “OHH Nooooo! PEE, LISA AHH HE IS PEEING HELP HELP!” How did I know something would go wrong? Daddy always needs moms Ian had caught all his pee on his poor stuffed cookie monster so I was off to giving the Cookie Monster his first bath. How delightful! Sometimes I look forward to all the craziness that will come from having a child. I am planning for many more stories to come.

Yesterday we took Ian for his first time to the park. He was not able to enjoy many of the play things yet since he is still so young but he really enjoyed the see-saw. Hearing him giggle was making me laugh!! Stupid me forgot to take along the camera so no shots only a single one on André’s phone.

Ian has started early on learning to take his parents money. This is what I caught him doing this morning..

Getting into diaper bag

Digging for cash in the Diaper Bag

My tummy is calling for an evening snack. I just can’t seem to cut that out of my diet. If you all have tips to combat this evil voice roaring in my stomach let me know!

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Hallie said...

Aww, Andy is so cute with Ian. Such a good daddy :-). HAHAHA Ian stealing your money... that is a priceless picture. As for the late cravings, I just try to read a book or do a craft or something and stop thinking about food cuz you really don't need that last bit before you go to sleep. I think our stomachs can make it through the night :-P