Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend 08

This Easter weekend was pretty good. It was my first Easter away from home so I was able to experience Easter in a different way and it was also Ian’s first Easter *edit*: So I had to fix this(thanks Lauren and Hallie), it wasn't Ian's First but I guess I should say his first interactive Easter. I think he had a good one and he sure got plenty of Chocolate from the E. Bunny and his Grandparents but I think André and I will have to eat most of it because he sure doesn’t need much! Let’s see, we went to André’s Aunt and Uncles home and chilled about then headed over to his parents for some dinner. Here is your overload of Easter pictures:

Dancing Cows

But I wanted to get the CDs!

Blinging Eyes

André and I


Silly Face

I love that picture of me Grandpa!

I want that

Quality Time

Little Helper

Oh yes, André’s birthday was Saturday so we went out to shop and have some Burger King. We picked ourselves up a little hand vacuum and what a blessing that is! I don’t know how I was living without one. I think overall he had a good birthday..atleast I hope.
I know you all are going to miss me this week, but I have a lot to do! Friday is Ian’s First Birthday; I know, One!! His party is going to be on Saturday so I have a lot to do and cooking all his food and attempt making a cake! All this is on my plate plus a busy week of school and all my other daily tasks. I need some more hands for all this stuff! Enjoy your week everyone!


Hallie said...

Hey Lisa! Good luck with all you have to do this week. I have a lot too :-(. Oh well, just five more weeks of school for me! What about you? I thought Ian's first Easter was last year cuz I remember getting him that green bunny that said "My First Easter" on it. So I think Easter was early April? I may be wrong. I NEED A HAND VACUUM! Hah, I was just saying how much I need one of those last week. :-P. I love you hun, and I think about you all the time!

Lauren said...

I think my favorite picture of all the ones you have taken recently is that second picture. I like how Ian is focused on the camera and his eyes are exceptionally vibrant.
Hallie is right about his first easter being last year-it fell on April 8-although this was the first easter he was able to really do anything.

Hallie said...

Hah, yeah. He couldn't really be interactive when he was a week and half old :-P. Your hair has gotten really long! How did Ian's birthday party go?