Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy and a Little Under the Weather

School has been keeping me pretty busy this week and I am trying to work out a good routine with that, Ian, and all the other daily things I need to do. I just about have something that works for me but I just knew that I shouldn’t have put the satin sheets on the bed this week! It is taking me forever to get my big ole’ booty out of it!
School has been going well and it isn’t that hard….yet. What is required in that class is, you do your set of assignments daily, make screen shots of it all(place that in a word document of its own), then at the end of the week submit all files in a zipped folder, oh yes and participate in a weekly discussion board. I really hope I will include everything that is required because that part is a little bit confusing! Not too bad you say, right? I made my first calculator interface yesterday, wahoo!
I have been feeling a little under the weather this week. My body has waged a war against me and I can’t give it a good fight back! My throat has been sore, I had a migraine last night, and my “annoying friend” has come to visit! With all of that two of those came through last night while I had a crying baby who wouldn’t go to sleep and I was the only one that could comfort him. I literally thought I was going to have a meltdown! I am so glad the migraine is gone because that was the main thing making me go crazy.
On to better news, Ian has been a busy man. His “talking is getting a lot better and he will point at things and says something. Sometimes it even looks like he is trying to read.

Look on the above post

What do you think?

I took More pictures of Ian doing his thing around the place to get more practice in. I learned more about the camera to get the exposure right and the focus where you want it. I really want to try to take some pictures of my family and friends when I go visit in June so I can practice on people that will stay still and they will have some nice pictures that will hopefully look professional. I just have so many ideas floating around in my head!
Here are some more:

I'm Loving redbull

Yum, Redbull

Pulling out mamas bellyring



I Love my bear

I cut his head and feet off..oops



This one the color is off and he is blury

Staring off

I entered Ian in a photo contest, so if you all could vote for Ian that would make my day!


Instructions: Click on the "Photo contests" link. On that page, enter Entrant #50078 to vote for Ian.

He îs at number 8 now..come on number 1!!!!


Hallie said...

Lisa, good luck with school this 8 weeks. I know you'll do great, smartie! I look forward to when Ian starts talking, that will be amazing. Hah, I look forward to when he starts walking too (even though you probably don't want him to yet :-P). I really like that side shot you took of him. That video is really fun. PS - I claim firsts on you taking professional photos of me!!! :-P

Hallie said...