Thursday, March 13, 2008

Growing up and its transitions

I have been trying to transition Ian off his bottles but my attempts do not seem to cutting it too well. I first tried a regular sippy cup with milk and he just doesn’t turn it up and does not want to drink out of it, so I tried a cup with a straw and yes he does better with that but I feel like I am chasing him around with it all day because he won’t even think about drinking out of it if I don’t put it to his lips. Only then, will he take a lousy sip and then throw it down. I want him to be able to get enough fluids during the day so he has all morning to drink the milk out of his sippy then he gets a bottle in the afternoon. I hope I didn’t get this kid attached on bottles *gasp*!! Why can’t he be one of those easy transition kids? I guess I can’t have everything going well! I am lucky he hasn’t been really sick yet *knock on wood*.

More attempts have been made on trying to get him to stand up more so maybe he will choose to let go. His toy boxes haven been stacked up so he has to stand up to get them. He does well with standing up holding on to things, so please choose to let go soon Ian, do it for Mommy!!!



So on to Mommy news, I baked my first Chicken last night! It turned out fantastic and it was Hubby approved. I made a Multi-Herb Chicken with added potatoes and carrots. I have to admit pulling up the chicken skin so I could stuff the seasoning wasn’t the greatest feeling in the world but it made for a good chicken. Here is the recipe I used:,1977,FOOD_9936_10436,00.html . I did not have cooking spray so instead I used olive oil to coat the pan, chicken, potatoes, and veggies. It ended up being really juicy so I am not sure if it was the oil or the fact that I pulled the skin up then removed it after cooking. I was a well satisfied cook.

My first chicken

A big thanks to The Food Network

I tried to work on my close-up shots today but since Ian is more mobile now, it is not working out so well. To try to keep him close to me long enough I let him bang away on my computer while I enticed him to “Look at Mommy (finger snaps)”. This didn’t work out well! I only had one decent shot out of 30! The second I would get the shot he would move while I took it and it was blurry. I need to search on the net to see how to fix it that.



I had to show you the last one for laughs. That one happened to be the most clear and best light out of all and he had to look woozy! At least I have a cute woozy baby!

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