Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Photoshoot!

We finally got our light fixture shopping done! What a load off my shoulders but now the thing is getting them installed. I am hoping this week! I got a really neat one that hangs over the kitchen table and the rest are plain and simple ones. Once installed, I will try to get a picture up for you all! I did get to make my first trip to the the Bébéhaus and let me tell you what..that place rocks my mommy socks!! They had almost every stroller you could think of, including all the BabyJoggers and accessories. We were able to get Ian’s puzzle playmat and it works great. He isn’t really into the puzzle part of it yet but all that really matters is it protects his little noggin, which he has already wacked twice today!! I was getting really proud of him because he hadn’t hit his head in days..but low and happened. That just shows that you can’t protect them from every little thing.
Tomorrow is the start of another class towards my degree. I am looking forward to it yet I am not. I know there is going to be a lot of hard work to do in this class and I have to use my brain…NOOOOOO!! Oh well, I will see if I can push aside some space for this new knowledge they call Visual Basic.
I did another photoshoot with Ian and this time it turned out a lot better. He is getting harder and harder to photograph since he is all over the place and wants the camera so I have to be tricky; thank goodness it worked this time around!



What am I looking at?


Too close to the T.V.


Mad that he can't have the camera.

Still Crying

Still Mad.

After Crying

The Aftermath

Since I decided to try to get Ian off the bottle, I decided it is a good time to move him to regular milk. It was surprising how well he took to it! It is like he doesn’t even notice the difference between that and formula so we are almost totally off formula. I bought my last box this week!! See you crazy formula prices hello almost decent milk prices!!

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Hallie said...

Haha, Lisa. Those are some cute pictures of Ian. His eyes really remind me of yours. His little curls in the back are so adorable! I'm glad you are getting settled into your house. Again, I can't wait to come visit and see it for myself :-P. Is there a guestroom?