Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 3 of Moving

I am finally in my new place and I have to say it is feeling more and more like home everyday. It has not been an easy move but I guess it could have always been worse. We had the moving truck for only one day so on Friday we had to move the rest with one car, which took upwards of 20-30 trips. We got the last of our stuff moved in today and at the moment André is over at the old apartment with the rest of the people to clean the place. I am so glad so many people decided to help us out, so it should be cleaned in no time.
I still have so much to do here, and I can’t wait to have things set up a bit more but I know that will not be for awhile. It seems like we have never ending boxes of wires. I have never in my life seen a man with so many wires The bad thing is they are all balled up and when I straighten them up they end up balled up again the next time his hands touch him. Men men men…
In other news, Ian is doing pretty well with all the moving. The first night he did not want to sleep at first, maybe because he wanted to explore. He did wake up a couple times that night but over all not too bad. Last night he slept through the whole night, so wahoo! I am feeling really bad though because he is not getting much floor time lately. Our floors are just too dirty with all the tracking in with shoes that I just do not want to have him on it. To give you an idea on how dirty it really is, my feet are completely black within in 1 hour of walking on it. I should be getting my vacuum cleaner in tonight and mop so maybe I can clean the living room up for him enough. It still is really dangerous for him to crawl because we have not put together most of the furniture yet so pieces of that are sitting against the wall. Poor little man, his parents are so restricting of him and he is letting us know how mad he just is.
It is time to get back to the boxes. I will try to put a video tour up of the apartment at the end of the upcoming week. I do want this place a little more organized before I show it off to you all. I hope you all understand!!

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