Friday, March 7, 2008

Sprucing Up!

Not too much has been happening on the Lisa front lately. I’ve just been trying to spruce things up around the new place. Yesterday I put all the curtains up and adjusted the new set I bought. They all need adjusting since the inner ones are too long now. I have no idea when I will find the time to get to that. I also fixed up that empty spot in the bedroom, so now all it needs is a little plant behind. This is what I did with it:

Beedroom Nook

You have to love the playboy bunny, right..right?!! The chair and the table were purchased at Ikea for about $50 all together, what a deal!! Since I went to Ikea I just had to get this red tent I saw:

Tent Time

Tent Time

Can’t you see that Ian loves it? Ha, not too much yet. Mommy had to entice him in there with various toys. I think it will grow on him though and it will be perfect for beach time since it just pops open and closed and you can’t beat another great deal of $15!

You might have noticed Ian’s strange tongue contortion in the previous picture; he has been doing this a lot lately. That coupled with not being interested in his milk much leads me to believe he has another tooth coming in. I tried to get a peek in but I couldn’t see nor feel where one might be coming through but he sure has been cranky enough! So we will see!! I dedcided to pop some tylenol up him when he got up this morning and he seems to be doing better since then. He is drinking more today, so I can worry a little less!!

Ian is now in that stage where he does no want food as much. I don't know what it is. Maybe he is too interested in playing but every main meal is a struggle and I spend atleast an hour trying to get the food down him because he sure puts up a good fight!! Please PPPLEASE let this be over soon!

I decided to make Ian a first birthday signature for my Babycenter posts:

Ian first Birthday Sig

I think it came out pretty well and that face he makes is soooo cuuute!!

I am going to leave you all with pictures from today’s Fun Friday!!

Getting in trouble

His favorite Item, the laptop.


The twist

Delicious candy wrapper

Watching T.V.

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