Wednesday, April 1, 2009

7 Days and Good News

Finally a good update. Today they gave me a full over check and the girls are still growing great. During the ultrasound Baby B was trying to look up to see what we were doing while we were checking her head size, it was so cute! I was also given a fasting blood sugar test, it was pretty low which is good in terms of not having gestational diabetes.

In other good news my cervix has gone from 1.8cm to 2.3cm while I have been on a full week of bedrest. I was hoping this meant that I could go home today but they say they want to monitor me more. I am now able to take a shower everyday and walk the halls some. On Friday they will check again to see how this activity has affected me then determine if I can go home this weekend. I am praying and praying that things will continue to get better because I am starting to go all kookoo preggo in here. This morning I have been crying at every little thing, so embarrassing when the nurse walks in!

Mommy feeding Ian Pizza
Ian visiting me in the hospital on his birthday

I don’t know what I would do without my Husband. He has been devotedly coming to see me every evening. Just those few hours of laying with him has helped me to get through this just a bit easier.

In other news, Ian had his two year check-up earlier this week and my boy is right on track! It is so nice to have that worry off my chest. I thought his speaking skills were a bit behind but everything is great, and he understands so much in 3 languages. Can I brag?

Ian blowing out candles

Happy Wednesday Everyone.


Kel said...

yay...that is wonderful news! I hope everyting continues upward for you and you get to go home soon!

Fiona said...

Ooh Lisa ..hope you'll get better soon! Take care ...