Sunday, April 26, 2009

31 Weeks and Continuing!

31 weeks and doing well here! Thursday I had a little sharp pain in my pelvic area so they checked the babies and me early and everything looks great. My cervix is stable at 1cm they say and just a little dilated, which is completely normal for a woman who has had children before and I just have very mininum Braxton Hicks contractions. The babies were rolling all around during their ultrasounds, so the measurements were hard to get. Due to that fact, they didn’t really tell me the size, but that they did grow some but nothing major. I am just praising the Lord that they are continuing to thrive and I am able to keep them in. I do have this strange feeling that I will last much much longer than expected.

Awesome Cars book!

Other good news is they gave me a “get out of here” date: 35 weeks! Three weeks to go..which seems like forever, but if I have made it a month here already I can do this! They did give me permission for a wheelchair ride outside once or twice a week so yesterday Andy’s Brother brought Ian over and we all went out in the hospital garden for 30 mintues. It was Heaven and really brightened my mood (Ian picked dandelions and rocks and gave them to me as gifts). They also were going to let me go home for the weekend this week but the Chief said it was too early and that he wants me at least 32 weeks. Which most likely means if all is stable at my check this week I can go home for a couple days! If I could do this every weekend I have left, I think I can make it to 35 weeks and stay sane.

Thank you to all my Family and Friends helping me get through this.


Allison Says said...

I hope you get to spend weekends at home!

I'll be thinking of you and hoping you continue to keep those babies cooking.

Ian looks like such a little boy, not a baby or toddler!

Kel said...

I am so happy things are progressing wonderfully...this is great news!!