Saturday, April 18, 2009

I made it to 30 Weeks!

I am glad to have made it 30 weeks. It feels like a great milestone to be out of the twenties. I would have updated you sooner but there is not too much to talk about when you are laying in a bed all day.
Monday I had my big check and the girls are growing beautifully. Baby A now weighs 1500g/3.3lbs or 3lbs 4oz, and Baby B weighs 1600g/3.5lbs or 3lbs 9oz. This is the first time I have carried over 6lbs in my belly since Ian was born at 5lbs 5oz..and I certainly feel it all! (I have a new picture but it isn't on cd so I can't get it to from the hospital) They also did my cervical check and saw that it had improved to a 1.9cm so they are now calling it stable. The IV is still in my arm and they do not plan to take me off the medication. I was given some privileges, a shower everyday, 15 minutes on the balcony on my floor, and 10 minutes using a pedaling machine in bed (don’t want to lose that muscle.)

It is wonderful to get to those things and the showers feel fantastic! Somehow, it just is never enough. Two days ago I started feeling pretty sad. I guess the reality of being in here a long time is really setting in and the boredom of staying in this bed is getting to me. Today I really let out the waterworks and the assistant OB could see how sad I was so she brought my OB to see me (never thought he would visit me here). He talked with me a little, well more like talked to me since it was hard to understand me through the sobs. He gave the doctors orders that my Husband can sleep over here any and every night. I am so excited!!! We really wanted to do this before but they told us he would have to pay 70chf a night! Now it is free..yippie. Although he can’t do it tonight since he has to work, their will be plenty of other nights he can just stay over. I just can’t wait!

My Husband has still been coming every evening without fail, even since he has been super tired from work. I wish theirs some way for him to know how much it means to me but I feel words just can’t express it.

Playing With Book

Ian has been doing great this week. I told my Mother-in-Law she could give him a haircut since I was unable and he just looks so grown up. For the first time I hear him say new words and saw him draw a circle. I am so glad he is doing this well away from me since I know it is hard for me when I go from being there for him 24/7 to seeing him only a couple hours a week. He is a very resilient kid!


Allison Says said...

That's so great that you've made it this far!

I can't even imagine having to be in the hospital for so long. I hope you are at least trying to enjoy some peace and quiet, reading and staying calm, before the babies arrive!

Ian is looking so mature!

Sally Carter said...

Hang on in there girl! You're doing great and some day very soon, you'll get your prizes and get home and it'll have been worth it! Take care!