Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to Winter Wonderland

Back to winterland here in Switzerland. I arrived back about two weeks ago to a pile of snow! It felt so weird to be wearing a light sweater and then arrive where I need to bundle like an Eskimo. Ian flew back great. Momma is proud of you! He slept most of the way, because our first flight was during his nap and our international flight was during most of his nighttime. That’s how flying should be! The only trouble we had was that our first flight was delayed so I had to run to my international flight, with only 3 minutes to get there. Being pregnant and running with a stroller is no fun! I hope never ever again!

I had a lot of trouble adjusting my first week back but I am doing loads better this week. The hormonal overload didn’t help. Now only if I could not cry over every little negative thing. My Husband has some kind of surprise trip planned for us this weekend. So sweet. I think we are going a few hours away to get in the warm sunshine.

Last weekend we went out and purchased our stroller. Cost: 1, 300CHF (that’s with a Twin discount) Why they want to treat strollers as if they are a motorized vehicle is beyond me…but you have to get what you need. We purchased the TFK Twinner Duo with 2 soft carry cots. This thing drives like a dream and with the cots I can take the twins out without disturbing them; makes for a great Moses Basket too.

I also purchased a rocker seat. The one I originally wanted wasn’t there anymore, must be discontinued, so I picked the Chicco Dream. I liked that it came with a toy/liner and an attachable blanket. I can’t tell you how many times Ian peed or spit up in his chair and I had to take the whole seat off to wash.

Chicco Baby Rocker

Chicco Baby Rocker

Time to get back to the rest of my week!

Here is my belly at 23 weeks:

23 Weeks Belly


Kel said...

Welcome home...glad the trip back went well with Ian and you found the stuff that you wanted. It always makes it easier to like the stuff you have for your babies.

Allison Says said...

Glad everything went so well! Yay for buying twin stuff.

Your belly is super cute!

Fiona said...

Cute Belly Lisa ..u havent got any stretch mark yet ..good

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Lisa, I am glad you made it safely back home..You, Ian and your husband are a great looking family.I can't wait to meet the twins with photos from you later...You have a cute shape for twins..

I think that baby strollers are very expensive..the baby rocker seat is cute..everything cost so much , but are needed!!!

Enjoy your week.. hugs, Baba