Friday, March 27, 2009

Hotel Hospital

I am sure you are saying to yourself that is about time for an update! Gets pretty annoying doesn’t it? You will be happy to know that you will be hearing a lot more from me.

On March 25th, ’09 (27 weeks 2 days), I had an appointment to see my OB because 10 days earlier at my 26 week check the doctor found my cervix to be shorting at 2.8cm. On Wednesdays check it went to 2.2cm so he sent me straight over to the hospital. They ran tests and checked the babies. They are growing well and I am free of infections. Currently (Day 2 in hospital) I am taking 10mg of Adalat in the morning and 60mg of Adalat in the evening to control the contractions. Which as of today, have been gone since early this morning. Wednesday evening they also gave me coricosteriods to develop the girls lungs faster.

I’d have to say I was not expecting this at all because I had been feeling pretty great up till then. It shows you how different pregnancies can be. It also very difficult being here alone stuck in bed 24/7, but I am trying to remember this is all for my babies. The Peri came by today and told me what would happen if they were born now or in the near future and helped ease some of my fears. They do have a great chance of surviving and thriving..and the kicks in my belly are a good reminder.

I do miss my family a lot and are so glad that my Husband is making every attempt to come see me each evening (which I look forward to as soon as I start the day). I also miss Ian but thankful that I have my Mother-in-law to care for him while I am here. His 2nd birthday is tomorrow and my Husband is going to take him to large indoor playplace and my Mother-in-law is going to give him a cake. I so wish I could be there for him, but I am sure through all the festivities he will be so happy and tried he won’t really know I am missing.

So sleepy

That’s all for now.. I will update you more tomorrow.


Allison Says said...

Oh wow! I hope the girls decide to stay put for a while longer. And I hope you find things to entertain yourself.

Ian is so big! Just beautiful. Happy 2nd birthday to him :)

Kel said...

Glad you and the girls are doing well...hang in there, I'm keeping you in my thoughts!