Monday, February 2, 2009

Yay, I'm Halfway!

It is so exciting to be at the twenty week mark in my pregnancy, which means I am halfway there or maybe even less (twin pregnancies usually run 37 weeks). So far my body is letting me celebrate by allowing me to feel better. No more cramping which means more enjoyable time with Ian.

20 weeks belly
my 20 weeks twin belly

I still wish I could chug some Redbulls for the exhaustion but I will take that over cramps any day! Heartburn hit me a few days ago. I had this horrible around 30 weeks and on with my first pregnancy. Now tums are my new best friend.

Mr. Buddy has been accelerating with his words; he can now say sit down. Now only if he could use that when he isn’t getting in trouble!

Ian Getting in Trouble..AGAIN
Ian saying "sit " after I told him to sit down

But actually he really is a good boy (for the most part). I took him to watch my mom at a bowl-a-thon over the weekend and he would stand there clapping and yelling ball. It was his first bowling adventure, and to a boy who loves balls, it was a ball heaven.

Being "Handsome just like Daddy"
Being "Handsome just like Daddy"

Ian Making Noises with a Cup
making noises with a cup

Oh,Ian and I are feeling a lot better from our sicknesses. Thanks for all the prayers.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Lisa, Twenty weeks is a major milestone with twins.. I am glad you are feeling better. Now it is Ian's turn to get better .. he is such a good looking young lad...

Are you and Ian still in the states?? Having extra hands around to help you is wonderful!!!

My week has been busy with my husband recovering from a kidney stone surgery..He is much better now.. no more pain.

Have a relaxed week and enjoy your family. Hugs, Baba

Filtering life said...

Congrats Lisa! Your mom told Ryan today so I wanted to hop over here and read how you are doing. Twins...oh my word, how exciting!!! You look fantastic, carrying so well. Are you going to be finding out the genders? Just wanted to say congrats and I hope you start to feel better and get a little more energy.