Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome Back: Part One

Ian's Snow Day

How long have I been MIA now? We’ll please forgive me…I have had plenty of complaints since I have been gone, missing all the updates of our lives. So here I am. Lets make this a two part-er update. So PART ONE:

The Family is mostly all well. My Hubby has been feeling bad (not the best around Christmas, but whatcha going to do?). Ian is growing fast in his language skills. It sounds like he comes out with a new word everyday. He really understands a lot. How do they go from needing you for everything to being independent so fast. I miss my little baby!

School has finished for this semester and I passed with flying colors. It is nice to be in the break period where I can enjoy my family more and not have the stress of due dates on my back.

Okay so quick skip to my big news…

I’m expecting two little ones.

I found out in November and will be due in June but I doubt I will last that long! So these might be May babies. As of tomorrow I will be 14 weeks and it has passed by so fast. I am just glad to be out the morning sickness window. Why do twins seem to make everything worse? Oh well, they are a blessing and I am looking forward to the big changes it will bring to our family. It is exciting but scary. So much to think about! Do I need two of this? What kind of double stroller to get? Birthing two..ohh my!! Anyways, here are pictures and video!

8 weeks

The Twins 11w4d

11 weeks

The Twins 11w4d

The Twins 11w4d

-Video in Post Above

Stay Tuned for Part Two!

Hello Mom!


Fiona said...

Oh my ...Ian looks sooo cute!!!! And look at the twins .....

Kel said...

Congrats! How exciting to be expecting not just one but TWO! I'm so happy for you.

Welcome back amidst the madness - Hope your holidays are wonderful!

Allison Says said...

AH! Congrats! What exciting news!

Ian is adorable as always.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas. Congrats again--how very very wonderful!

izanazuani said...

Hi! Ian is a handsome guy. What a perfect look he has. I'm gonna have to look at Ian's photos when I'm pregnant. :-)

pixie4bears said...

Thank you everyone. I am so happy to be back. I have missed the bloggy world.