Friday, August 14, 2009

The Reality is..

just me

Just me doing my photo thing

Over a month has gone by and my little girls are almost 3 months old. Wow how time has just flown for me. Yesterday my Uncle left and reality of being a mom of 3 has set in. My life now is really all about my kids, and at first I thought one was sorta tough. I love it though! I wouldn’t change this for the world.

Ian is my loving silly typical 2 year old whose favorite word to say is no even when you just look at him or who loves to wave “hello” at his own shadow. My mom brought over a sprinkler ball and he has grown to love it. He pops on his Winne the Pooh rainboots (put on the wrong feet) and runs into it or hides from it like crazy.


The Sprinkler Outfit

The bucket hat, swim diaper, and rain boots outfit by Ian

He is such a loving brother too. He is mostly over his jealousy and likes to get diapers or wipes for them and also enjoys giving them goodnight kisses. These girls are so lucky!

Read dis
Ian "reading" to Vanessa

The girls have been smiling for a few weeks now and are working up to laughing. They get so close! By two months they were rolling from belly to back. Also, sleep is getting better. They usually are up to feed once a night and wake up from 6-8 for their morning feed. I am still exhausted from being hooked to my pump “all day” and being up with them at night but I realize it is for the best. I know I can’t keep up being the milk source for much longer because school is starting again soon and I need a little bit more of my life back to get everything done, also I am barely able to keep up with them now. I am glad to have given them the best start possible and saving us some money because formula for two isn’t going to be cheap!

Lookin' at the mobile
Vanessa and Gabriella enjoying their mobile


One of my favorite pictures, Gabriella wondering what is up with with Vanessa being a Diva

That’s all I have for now..see you all soon!

*I started a one photo a week of Ian and myself. I thought it would be a great memory for him to have of the things we did together. Here is week one from last week.

Week 1: Blues Clues!
Watching Blues Clues before lunch

Thanks to my Uncle for all his help while he was here. I really enjoyed your visit and will miss you!


Baba's Special Babies said...

Good evening Lisa, it is wonderful to visit you and see the great shots of your family..Vanessa and Gabriella are much fun when they start to smile and coo!!!I am proud of Ian for being a good big brother and reading to his sisters..Give all of them a hug from me!!!

Providing your girls breast milk has given them a good start in life.Whenever you change to formula, don't feel guilty...

I want to go to college and take Photography lessons.Classes are free to anyone over the age of 65.It would be fun..

Take care and enjoy your babies..
Hugs, Baba

pixie4bears said...

Baba- Thanks! You should def. take classes. I think their is something in photography for everyone. And free..well that is a no brainer!