Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Quick Update

This will just be a quick update because I just have so much to do! The girls are doing the same. They tend to gain weight, lose a little, gain a little more. It is a slow process, but they are going up. The doctors think it may take them another week at the least to another three weeks. They both get my milk through the bottle and then what is left is put through their feeding tubes. I have noticed in the past couple days they have been just a little more awake during the day.

Day4-Vanessa Under The Blue Light

Vanessa Under the Blue Light

I decided it was best that I go back home to be with Ian and try to get life a little back to normal again. After two and half months I was feeling a little depressed. Yesterday we brought the girls to the hospital in the center of Zurich. They were placed in the Neonatal Care Unit. Next to it was the room for the intensive care babies. I saw one little one born at a little over 800g, so sad. I am just glad my girls are doing as well as they are.

The procedure now is going to visit them everyday and bring my milk over. It was so hard to leave them yesterday. I felt like I was being pulled in two directions, one towards my son and the other towards them. I feel that this is what is right for us now. Ian gets to spend time with us as a family again before the big change of the girls comes and I also get to see the Girls everyday. So now all of my children get to have time with their parents everyday.

Day4- Gabriella and Vanessa

4 Days Old- Gabriella and Vanessa

It is stressful no matter which way you do it, but I hope soon for them to drink well so we can be home all together as a family. For those who have to go through this, I really have a new respect for you!

I hope to have another update with fresh pictures soon. As for now, there is so much to do around the home! I didn’t realize how many baby clothes I have to go through and Ian’s clothes still need to be sorted through and fixed up in his new room. Busy Busy…


Kel said...

I'm glad the girls are doing well! They are adorable!!

Allison Says said...

I'm glad they are doing well. I hope they continue to thrive and can come home sooner rather than later!