Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We made it after 24 long hours

I am back in the US and are very happy to be seeing family and friends again. My Mom had a good visit at my home as well. I didn’t get to the US without some bumps in the road though. The morning we wanted to leave Ian got really sick with vomit and all. Thankfully it was a little case of the flu and he got over it within a couple days. Since this, I wasn’t able to travel back with my mom and I ended up sick the next day. I got over it fast and was able to head home within 4 days. The trip alone with a rambunctious 21 month old was an adventure. Thank you to the wonderful Delta flight attendant that enjoyed Ian so much as we spent a lot of time in the back of the plane playing and exploring. There was no way possible you can keep a child at that age in a plane seat for 10 hours. We did have to spend another 7 hours in the airport till my next flight that finally got me to the point of being within one hour driving distance of home. Ian did okay on the last leg but I had to stroll him around for hours till he knocked out.

Whew. I will need lots of prayer for the trip home. Since being pregnant it doubly exhausted me. Applause to all of you ladies traveling international with a toddler!

I have no updated pictures of Ian, just been too busy but I promise next post. He is due for a haircut soon so you will for sure see that!

For now here is my little belly babies at 16 weeks..

Little Missy Getting A Crotch View
Possible girl getting a crotch view from her brother

Face- Girl
Possible girl, face

Our possible boy, face, arms, and chest.

Boy Touching his Face
Boy scratching his face

The doctor is 80% positive they are a boy and a girl and we couldn’t be more happy. He was sure about the girl but the boy he was a little unsure. But we will see when I get back home at my 21 weeks appointment. Happy 18 weeks to them.

Enjoy your post-inaugural day.

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Kel said...

oh congratulations on being back! I can't imagine traveling like that with a little one AND twins. Oh my. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your time back!