Friday, October 17, 2008

Ian's Moved Out

Just Being Ian

What a week! Not in a bad way though. I finally finished my first class of this semester and came out with a high B in accounting! Considering I am no math whiz...that is something! My new class on Java starts Monday and let me tell you..I will have no life when that class starts. Programming can take up all your time especially when you find yourself stumped.

Also Monday is my big 21! The twenties are flying by fast. We don’t really have anything planned since it is on a Monday and I am a mom with a kiddo, so you can only do but so much. Just having my family is nice. :-)

Wondering about Ian? He is busy having fun with his new playhouse thanks to his Grandma and Grandpa S. They gave it to him as an early Christmas gift. We really wanted to get him one when we saw how much he enjoyed the one at the park (that is too far away). Here are pictures of Daddy and Uncle setting it up and Ian enjoying it:

Ian and his new Playhouse

Ian and his new Playhouse

Ian and his new Playhouse

Ian and his new Playhouse

Ian and his new Playhouse

Ian and his new Playhouse

Yesterday it was really rainy and all Ian could do was pull me to the door to take him out. He had so many fits over me saying no. Poor thing but thankfully the sun came out today!

Ian and his new Playhouse

Ian and his new Playhouse

Happy Friday!!!


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Lisa, Your son Ian is so cute in his playhouse..I am enjoying reading about you and your family...meeting new friends is fun.. Have a great week-end. hugs, Baba

Kel said...

Happy Friday to you! Congrats on the B - I hated Accounting and I can totally relate to the JAVA class stuff...coding can take a lot of time (I don't miss it) :)

Hope you have a great B-day and a wonderful weekend!

Autumn's Mom said...

Happy Friday. Happy Birthday! And Happy Housewarming to Ian. I hope you guys enjoy a nice relaxing weekend.

Nici said...

Hey girl havent talked to you in awhile! Happy 21st Bday girl and congrats on the B! Omg can he be any cuter!!! I'm so glad that he is having fun with his new house.

Kelly said...

Hey Lisa, wow how Ian is growing up. Hope you have a very happy birthday!!

Hallie said...

Haha! Aww! Look at Ian and his little house :-)

Good job with the B, smartie.

I hope you have a very nice, relaxing birthday, my friend

Allison Says said...

Way to go on the Accounting grade! Good job!

Ian is cute as always. That little house is adorable!

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy a nice glass of wine or something to celebrate :) You're right though, just being with family is often the best gift.

pixie4bears said...

Thanks everyone! My Birthday turned out pretty good.